Logo for Screedex website depicting a simple and user-friendly screeding system that ensures fast and precise screed height indication. The system can also provide extra support for steel reinforcing when required or as set out in the scope of works. Used in both residential and commercial building sites, Screedex helps installers achieve flawlessly level floors while exceeding Australian Standards.

Easy to Use FLOOR Screed System

Screeding Floors THE EASY WAY

Meet Screedex – the innovative floor screed system engineered to transform your screeding practice. Our patent-pending platform is carefully crafted for precise floor levelling, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of your projects.

With its user-friendly design, Screedex is an essential tool for tilers, screed contractors, flooring professionals, builders, DIYers and home renovators. It guides you to achieve the perfect screed height and ensures accurate screed to falls. Tailored for residential and commercial construction sites, Screedex also benefits Site Supervisors, Project Managers, and Engineers by surpassing building standards in screeding.

Elevate your screeding projects, whether large or small, with unparalleled speed, accuracy, and level precision.

Key Benefits

Speeds up the screeding process by 3 x faster


Screed to exact specifications and scope


Eliminates uneven surfaces and water ponding


Assists in meeting Building Standards


Speeds up the screeding process


Screed to exact specifications


Eliminates water ponding


Assists in meeting Australian Standards


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About Us

Screedex is an Australian-owned and operated business established in 2021, dedicated to reshaping the landscape of screeding practices.

Our founder, Colin Scougall, brings a wealth of experience through his accomplished career in the residential and commercial tiling industry. A qualified wall and floor tiler, successfully managed a tiling company, he has further refined his skills as a Project Manager, specialising in remedial construction and building rectification. This extensive background has laid the groundwork for the innovation that defines the Screedex floor screed system.

Our Business Manager, Kristy, orchestrates the day-to-day functions of the company and serves as the key liaison for our wholesalers and stockists in Australia and the US. With a proven track record in finance and successfully managing a thriving tiling company, overseeing a diverse team of tilers, screed contractors, waterproofers and coordinating various tiling and screed works. Her wealth of experience brings invaluable expertise to Screedex.

Inspired by the need for a faster, more precise, and cost-effective approach to floor screeding, the Screedex system not only assists in meeting rigorous building standards, but also prevents potential floor screed failures. As a trusted partner, Screedex provides reliable screed solutions to the Building & Construction industry, serving clients across Australia and the US.

Screedex is more than a company; it’s a commitment to excellence, where innovation meets industry standards. Join us on this exciting journey as we innovate the process of screeding, with a system designed for efficiency, accuracy, and substantial cost savings.