Screedex Floor Screed System 65-125mm (2 1/2″-4 7/8″)

Unleash with the powerhouse of the Screedex® floor screed system. Engineered for heavy-duty screeds, it's a game changer and a construction essential. Elevate up to 125mm or 4 7/8" and adjust to achieve your ideal screed/mud heights and falls. Add Screedex® to your cart now.

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How to use the Screedex System?


Experience the efficiency and reliability of our largest product in the Screedex® floor screed system, tailored specifically for heavy-duty commercial job sites. Designed to meet the demands of projects requiring robust screeds, this system boasts a simple platform that facilitates setting accurate screed heights of up to 125mm or 4 7/8 inches.

As an Australian innovation backed by patents and registered designs, Screedex® tackles the real-world challenges encountered during floor screeding with ease. Whether you’re a tiler, contractor, installer, home renovator, or DIY enthusiast, Screedex® streamlines the screeding process for you.

The Screedex® system simplifies the achievement of accurate bedding screed levels and necessary falls in just minutes, significantly saving you both time and money on your commercial construction projects such as rooftops, podiums, pool surrounds, outdoor areas and balconies. For projects requiring reinforcement, or as outlined in your scope of works, consider integrating the Screedex reinforcement support.

No more uneven surfaces or the hassle of correcting improperly done screeds or mud beds! With Screedex®, you can ensure your floors meet the highest standards of accuracy and quality, eliminating issues like water ponding.

Supervisors can save valuable time by easily setting mud bed heights and delegating screeding tasks. New apprentices can quickly learn to achieve accurate screed heights and falls to drains, thanks to Screedex®’s intuitive design.

Architects, Engineers, and Builders can seamlessly integrate Screedex® into their specifications, ensuring precision in the screeding process from the beginning.

Quality Assurance (QA) Managers and Project Managers can conduct on-site verification of heights and falls, ensuring every aspect of the project aligns with specifications, leading to smoother workflows and superior outcomes.

Don’t just take our word for it – hear what our satisfied customers have to say:

“I like the idea of setting heights the day before a big screed” – Travis, Hunter Valley Tile Solutions

“Such a simple and easy system to use definitely makes screeding to falls so much easier; we will definitely be using this on all our projects!” – Glen, Building Rectification Services

“Makes life so much easier for everyone, boys love it” – Giuseppe, Conseal Screeding

Included in this kit:

  • Screedex® Floor Screed System (adjustable from 65mm to 125mm / 2 1/2″-4 7/8″)
  • Comprehensive instructions

Achieve flawless screeds and mud beds from the get-go! Add Screedex® to your cart now.

How to use the Screedex System?

Simple to set up in just a few minutes, our Screedex® floor screed system helps you create perfectly level floors.

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